Marbles, the Tomcat

Meet Marbles, the tomcat that ruled the neighborhood. On Wednesday, April 19, 2017, this was the last time I’d see my friend Marbles. Over the past month, I knew he was sick but I did not know how bad. When I crossed the line of “too close”, he got up with little motor skills and disappeared into the drain. Knowing he did not have the motor skills to get back out, it would rain that evening, I looked for him to come out knowing that he would not. He didn’t.

Marbles, April 19, 2017

Loving photography and urban animals, I decided to pursue some photos of feral or abandon cats. While doing so, I noticed a few cats hanging around the house. So, one day I put some food out and low and behold, a taker at the door. He was a odd looking cat with an unusual jaws. Marbles gave me two of my favorite shots in photographing cats. One is of him sitting there but there’s fight marks on his head. Again, he had fight marks on his head but this is about six months later.

As the year went by, Marbles had his own clan that would follow him around, probably about four to five cats. Today, Marbles alone, laying in the middle of a yard probably unable to get to the feeders in which he’d visited numerous times before, usually with a crowd.

I wanted to place him in a comfortable place as he laid in the middle of the yard. The day before, I watched him attempt to eat but he could only muster up a few bites. Death is an unavoidable aspect of life, we can never avoid even our own immortality but it was nice to share in Marble’s three short years of living. He ruled the roost but I’m sure he wouldn’t have had it any other way. Because he didn’t know any better, he was Marbles, the tomcat.